Route information

The route information

Bearded Man is providing the following additional information to riders so that they can better prepare themselves for the challenge ahead.  It is expected that every rider is capable both physically and technically of the set distances and terrain – so before you read on check out The Route.

For whatever reason the route might change slightly, so keep your eye on the Bearded Man Blog for updates and news about other stuff.

Route markings

The entire route will be clearly marked with signage. We’ll explain it all at the briefing before you begin the ride. We recommend you use a GPS if you can. We will post the .gpx files of the finalised route to the site at least 1 week prior to the event.

Feed stations and checkpoints

There will be at least 1 full feed station available on day 2 and 3. Riders are therefore expected to carry sufficient hydration and nutrition to last for at least 45km. External factors, such as the weather, may influence the number of feed stations available on each day.

  • Full feed stations will stock water, TORQ energy drink, TORQ bars and fruit
  • All feed stations will stock Finish Line bike lube

Check points may be located on the route for safety and to ensure that each rider completes the correct course.

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Static marshals will be located at critical points on the route to ensure the safety of both the riders and the public. We’ll also have roaming marshals moving along the route in case of emergencies and to help with any problems or questions about the route.

All major road crossings will be supervised by marshals. Black Mountains 3 Day will not have sole access to public roads and although road riding will be kept to an absolute minimum, it may be necessary in order to link routes together. All riders are expected to ride with due care and attention and uphold the relevant rules and regulations when riding on public roads.

We need marshalling volunteers

Bearded Man requires various marshalling volunteers for the Black Mountains 3 Day. So sign up to become part of the Bearded Man team – you’ll also get some special treats!

Medical support

24 hour medical support will be available to ensure that riders have access to medical attention before, during and after the ride each day, to fix all of the bumps and bruises picked up when in the saddle.

Find out more about the tented village where you’ll be spending your well-deserved rest.

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