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Schwinn High Timber Youth and Adult Mountain Bike Reviews

High Timer is a new series of mountain bikes provided by Schwinn. This battle horse can accompany and go with you to conquer any kind of terrain. The bike costs reasonably but still has whatever it takes for your quality time.

This bike will serve well in your trip, discovering the new beauty of nature on the smooth road or in rougher condition. The following review down here will give you a detailed description of how you can benefit from the Schwinn High Timber bike. All the information are for preference to contemplate your decision.


The Schwinn High Timber Youth and Adult Mountain Bikes

On or even off-road, your feelings toward Schwinn High Timber will remain the same – satisfy. This bike can comfortably give you a ride on any condition with how it is constructed to absorb all the external force during the ride. Schwinn does know what to offer their customers when integrating a top-notch force suspension system on the High Timber frame.

The frame is made from steel to further its durability for the abuse it could get on the bumpy trip. However, this means that the total weight of High Timber can be quite heavy, which no doubt will hinder you from stacking up your speed quickly.

And keep in mind that this is not a high-end material that will cost you around 1000 dollars, but just an affordable item with novice quality for beginners. But all in all, the bike is worth every penny you pay for it for the remarkable adaptability to any terrain.

About The Schwinn Brand

The Schwinn has been around and about for roughly 120 years. Seeing the lengthy period it has been through and survived, you can trust the quality of products coming from this company’s factory. The company was initially founded in Chicago and gradually climbed to the top in the world of bike providers of all time.

The High Timber comes with nothing but the quality you deserve. Suppose something fails to serve its designed purposes. In that case, a reliable customer service team will always be ready to hear complaints from you and suggest the best options to tackle the situation. Schwinn is well known for its prestige, and rest assured that they will keep being that way for a long time.

Who does this bike serve best?

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To those who are about or want to try a novel experience of beating off the track for the first time, the High Timber no doubt can befriend you. The Schwinn High Timber can become a teacher to lead newcomers to the life of the wild.

However, the high timber is still a novice level product with beginner quality. Thus, if you are a veteran biker who wants to try something hardcore, then the High Timber serves you no purpose as you will break it right away. For anyone else, this is a top-notch bike in its price range.

What will you get from this bike?

Sturdiness: This is an inevitable feature for a mountain bike to have with how abusive the mountain road can get. Made from pure steel, the frame can offer outstanding performance for the durability it has.

Because of this, the bike is quite heavy, which can pose while a challenge on your thigh and slow you down while climbing. Some people might prefer aluminum to steel, but riding an aluminum frame while riding is like commit suicide.

Rest assured that the bike frame can exceed your expectation with the amount of money you pay for it. No other bike in the same price range can keep up with the Schwinn High Timber Mountain bike.

Quality gear: Riding on roughing terrains, you need to give priority to stability over anything else. Thus, a drivetrain of the Schwinn High Timber helps you with that by giving you as much control as possible. The Shimano gears enable you to keep up with a stable speed by smoothly shifting gear by gear.

Asking the seasonal biker how they feel about Shimano products and the answer will always be the same – outstanding. The 21 speed Shimano gear equipped on High Timber helps you enjoy your ride to the fullest. Your leg will give you a big thanks by purchasing this bike as the Shimano gears play a crucial role in stacking up your speed.

Besides, the bike chain is carefully attached to the frame, so there will be little to no possibility that it will jump out of the trail.

Decent Brake: The Schwinn High Timber Mountain bike features linear-pull brakes, aka V brakes. Compared to a disc brake system, the V brakes can be somewhat inferior in terms of stopping force, but overall, it can still secure your safety during the downhill ride. High Timber’s brakes can always give you outstanding performance, and you will have nothing to complain about.

But if they are still not enough, you can have the local store mechanic fine-tune your bike with a brand-new disc brake if you want to. But most customers do not need to waste their money on that as they are happy with the given products.

Comfortable ride: the weight of the frame helps you stay balanced on the ride and not be too fragile to be deformed after a few bumps. The Shimano system does a lot in facilitating your passage, so there is no need for you to put in some over bearing efforts to get the bike go.

The suspension system fitted inside your bike also partly helps out by smoothing out the bumpiest road for you without getting too spongy. This helps a lot in preventing your crotch or hand from getting juddering injuries.

Wide range of tire options: For your information, the manufacturers offer a vast range of sizes for the bike to make sure there will be something fit your taste or size. Here are the options: 29 inches, 24 inches, and 27 inches.

The tires shipped with the bike are quite decent to use, which can cope with off-road terrains for beginners.

Final thought

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The Schwinn High Timber mountain bike takes inspiration from a popular frame during the late 80s and early 90s. However, the Schwinn manufacturer has put in some modification and got rid of unnecessary features for a more compact version and put it in the company’s products. This could explain how The Schwinn High Timber can be so reasonably priced. The only worth mentioning component that stands out with its brand name is the Shimano Tourney derailleur and Revoshift grip shift for beginners.

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