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At this point there is no order on this page, however as the questions pile up we will sort out the indexing and work out the categories.  If you have a question please email [email protected] and if it’s relevant we will post it on this page for everyone else to see.

Questions and answers

What kind of event is this?

The Black Mountains 3 Day is a stage event.  This is a non competitive event meaning that riders will challenge themselves by achieving the best time in completing each day’s course.  The reason it’s a non competitive event is due to laws limiting racing on certain public rights of way, such as bridleways.

Is the event timed?

Yes – Bearded Man will have check point staff that record each persons / teams time as the pass through check points along the route and finally as they cross the finish line.  The objective is to publish these times at the end of each day allowing for a level of seeding for the next day’s start.  Bearded Man will also publish the times online at the end of the event so that riders can see how well they have done.

How will the event start?

Due to the starting location it will be a mass start at exactly 8am on Friday 30 July 2010.

What happens if the event gets cancelled for whatever reason?

Bearded Man will refund the riders / companions in full if the event gets cancelled.  If the event is cancelled on day 2 or day 3, a proportionate refund will be given.  For example, if the event gets cancelled on day 3, meaning that there is no riding on day 3, then 1/3 of the rider/companion fees will be refunded.

How much road riding will there be?

Check out the Bearded Man Blog for details that will be posted soon.  The objective is to have as little road riding as possible.  There will however be some road riding to link different sections of the route, due to the nature of the Brecon Beacons.  Riders should expect no more then a few kilometres of road riding per day.  Most of this road riding will be done at the start and finish of each day and a little in-between.

How much singletrack riding will there be?

There will be a fair amount of singletrack, all of which is natural and therefore will not be perfectly manicured like a purpose built trail centre.  However, in our opinion, some of the singletrack is more fun and rewarding, because it is very unpredictable!  There are some short sections that are very technical, steep and rocky, so be prepared for some interesting riding.

Where exactly does the event start and finish?

The start and finish is at the stunning Glanusk Estate in Crickhowell.  The full address is –

Glanusk Estate
Glanusk Park

Can I bring children along to support and stay in the tented village?

Of course you can bring children along, but please note that Bearded Man will not be providing babysitting services.  Please contact Bearded Man if you do want to bring along children and we can discuss appropriate fees.

Will Bearded Man be providing transport to the event?

At this stage Bearded Man will not be providing any transport, however if there is demand and people require transport from major hubs please let us know ASAP – [email protected]

Why does entering the Black Mountains 3 Day cost £220?

We are asking you to part with a lot of money, but we also hope that when you leave you will think it was money well spent and are ready to sign up for the next event. We are aiming to make this an unforgettable event and an amazing experience for all involved. There are a large number of different elements involved with providing a fully serviced event and as we do not want to compromise the rider’s experience, this does not come cheap!

Will Bearded Man support any charity?

£5 of each riders fee goes to the Welsh Guards Appeal - check out the website for more details.  The army is under immense pressure at the moment and we feel it is a worthy cause.

How much money should we bring for lunch?

This depends on how much you eat. When we do stage races we consume copious amounts of food and liquid, so we would bring at least £10 to get a couple of sandwiches/burgers/baked potatoes and then something sweet to increase our sugar levels.  We also highly recommend that you get your hands on some recovery drink from Torq – the stuff works miracles.

Where can I buy Torq energy drink before the event so that I can see what it is like?

This stuff is magic – we love it and we recommend it.  Go to and get all the nutrition you need.  Also, Matt and his team will be at the event selling his products so bring along some extra cash to get your hands on some!  Please note that Bearded Man will not be providing any Torq products at the start of each day, we will only provide Torq products at feed stations, so don’t forget you will need to sort yourselves out each morning.  Also, Bearded Man will not be providing Torq gels or Torq recovery drink – both of which will be available from Matt and his team at the event.

What bike can I ride on?

You can ride any bike that is made for mountains.  We would say any bike with suspension forks but there are a couple of really great rigid bikes out there.  To be 100% sure of whether your bike is legal or not we recommend you check out the British Cycling website for details.  If you are in the market to buy a new ‘special bike’ definitely check out – they have some amazing frames and complete bikes.  Bearded Man has done all  its route scouted using a hardtail 26er and 29er, the latter has proven to be the most fun over the Black Mountain terrain!

What spare parts should I bring?

The obvious parts are things like tubes, derailler hangers and anything that is unusual.  Biped Cycles will be providing parts and they are a very well stocked shop so hopefully a plan will always be made even if they don’t have the exact part.  If you would like to make sure they have your parts in stock why don’t you email [email protected] with a list of parts that you are concerned about and we will get back to you.

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